positive mindful drumming

uplifting, unifying & social

Led by

Adey Peterkin,

Chief Visionary Officer

drum united is a Social Enterprise based in the UK with an infinite view to create positive social change on a local level for the global community through the power of our drumming.  Please scroll down for booking details including e-Classes (single tickets and monthly passes) and our corporate, education and well-being program.

We provide services ONLINE and ONSITE for corporate, education, community, health & well-being sectors. 

Services can be provided 'in person' or online using our interactive LIVE web technology.

We visit locations to provide uplifting, unifying and social events for up to 1000 people.

Our services can help you to benefit from the rewards and gain the skills needed as a new or improving drummer.

We provide LIVE and INTERACTIVE video classes (e-Classes) on a weekly basis for all ages and all abilities. You don't even need a drum to join in - start by tapping on your knees, on a table, on a cardboard box, or on a drum.





Drumming to make you feel good.

Mantra for mindset development.

Drum-Kit, hand drums, percussion.


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'drum united academy' is the trading name for 'drum united CIC', a registered company in the UK. 

Company # 08261538.  We are a Social Enterprise. Our primary focus is to create positive social change.