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Workplace team social clubs ~ Conferences ~ Ice-breakers


Workshops ~ Assemblies ~ Lessons ~ CPD / INSET Training

Communities & charities

Social events ~ Charity projects ~ Outreach projects

Led by

Adey Peterkin,

Chief Visionary Officer

for drum united


It promotes and strengthens a positive mindset and utilises the benefits of drumming:

  • Fast & effective way to unite people
  • Improves well-being and mental health
  • Reduces tension, anxiety and stress

  • Releases endorphins and calms the mind
  • Makes you feel good
  • Helps strengthen neurological pathways

‘What an amazing video! Thankyou’

Yeo Valley, Events Manager


Abel & Cole, Head of Brand

‘An enthusiastic and committed company’

Brighton & Hove City Council

'The workshops are fantastic'

The British School of Amsterdam

'The sessions are great and add a new dynamic'

Manor Courses International

'I would highly recommend'

Teacher in charge of Creative Arts, Downs View




Drumming to make you feel good.

Mantra for mindset development.

Drum-Kit, hand drums, percussion.

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'drum united academy' is the trading name for 'drum united CIC', a registered company in the UK. 

Company # 08261538.  We are a Social Enterprise. Our primary focus is to create positive social change.