drum united academy

It helps to develop and strengthen a positive mindset while utilising the benefits of drumming:

  • Fast & effective way to unite people
  • Improves well-being and mental health
  • Reduces tension, anxiety and stress

  • Releases endorphins and calms the mind
  • Makes you feel good
  • Helps strengthen positive thought patterns

‘What an amazing video! Thankyou’

Yeo Valley, Events Manager


Abel & Cole, Head of Brand

‘An enthusiastic and committed company’

Brighton & Hove City Council

"Hello, here you can book our ONLINE business social club or you can contact us for ONLINE and ONSITE services customized for your organisation.

I will be delighted to lead plans to provide our uplifting, unifying and fun

services for your organisation to benefit from our positive mindful drumming. 

I'll also happily lead plans for your organisation to sponsor a community project.

Send me an email to register your interest, signup to our newsletter

(including all about OUR WHY) and book you and your team onto our

upcoming ONLINE social club for the business community"

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'drum united academy' is the trading name for 'drum united CIC', a registered company in the UK. 

Company # 08261538.  We are a Social Enterprise. Our primary focus is to create positive social change.