drum united academy
drum united academy

You don't need a drum to join in

We recommend using a set of drum sticks and pad ~ ideal to use at home, school or at work in an office, meeting or conference room.

Or alternatively ~ tap on your body, a table, a box.

We recommend you use a drum or drum-kit when you are ready.

We use Google Meet, Google Classroom, Vimeo and Teachable

to help us provide a high quality, safe, secure and easy to use service.

We use a combination of recorded and live material in our events.

Our setup provides really good audio & visuals for you to follow.

Only 1 ticket or subsciption to 1 activity per household is needed.

You will automatically be emailed the LiveStream HTML webpage link.

This is also shown on your screen at the point of booking completion. A recorded video tutorial will be available for you via the HTML webpage link in case you miss out on the LiveStream for any reason.

£4.50 per class ~ approx $6USD ~ $9AUD ~ €5 EURO

LiveStreaming from the UK on

Mondays ~ Wednesdays ~ Fridays

UK times {UTC / BST} click to open timezone converter

EST is -4hrs, PCT is -7 hrs, AET is +10 hrs

CLICK the links below for tickets

16:00 hr UK ~ kids drum social club

17:00 hr UK ~ drum-kit group class


from the UK on Saturdays

11:00 hr UK ~ special education

12:00 hr UK ~ super social fundraiser ~ monthly

Available throughout the week: 'Drum-Kit one-to-one lessons'

£20 for 30 minutes, only available with subscription

Subscribe for unlimited access to the LiveStream PLUS: join with your webcam on exclusive sessions, and access exclusive downloadable resources and recorded lessons to suit your timetable.

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'drum united academy' is the trading name for 'drum united CIC', a registered company in the UK. 

Company # 08261538.  We are a Social Enterprise. Our primary focus is to create positive social change.